Fastlane® by Endless Pool

A fully-adjustable, quality swim current for any pool.

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A fully-adjustable, quality swim current for any pool.

Transform your pool.

For far too many people exercising in a backyard pool means six strokes and a flip turn, over and over and over and over. The Fastlane produces a smooth, quiet, powerful current that’s perfect for any backyard pool. Set the water speed to the pace YOU want, and swim at home.

It provides all the benefits of swimming – cardiovascular fitness, muscle and joint strength, low-impact workouts – in the privacy of your own backyard. Fully adjustable for swimmers of all abilities, from beginners to Olympians, it’s also perfect for water aerobics, aquatic therapy and water jogging/running.

Easy to install with no electrical connections poolside, the Fastlane fits virtually any pool. For fitness or fun, the Fastlane swimming machine adds a whole new dimension to your pool.


Fastlane Minimum Clearance Guidelines

Optimal for pools with a surface area of 200 sq. ft. or greater. For pools smaller than 200 sq. ft., please contact a design representative

Fastlane® Reviews

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I immediately started losing weight and firming up

Beverly L. - McCoy, Co

Easy installation and only 10 minutes maintenance per week

Kevin T. - Anchorage, AK

The greatest thing we’ve ever done. I feel much better. My grandkids enjoy it; in a couple of months, they figured out how to swim better. We just love it!

Joe K. - Albrightsville, PA

I have been able to swim twice as often in half the time it was talking for a trip to the Y. I do not miss swimming at a cold and sometimes noisy pool. Neither do I miss the chlorine or turning at the end of a lap. You really … Read More

Susan B. - Jonesboro, Arkansas

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