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Trilogy Fiberglass Pools


Turn your backyard dreams into reality!

Trilogy Pools offer pools to fit most budget, any yard and take less time to install than any other pool construction technologies.

The unique look and unmatched durability of your Trilogy Pool is a direct result of the manufacturing processes. This includes taking over 60 measurements during pool construction and capturing a comprehensive quality report that includes a retained sample from every pool manufactured. This enables the highest quality that can only be assured through meticulous processes, recording results, and maintaining the integrity of our manufacturing day in and day out. When manufacturing is complete, you’ve got a pool that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Innovative design concepts, custom features, and an award-winning quality control process, Trilogy Pools offers you beauty, quality, and complete peace of mind that you’ve made the right choice by selecting our company and products.


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Create your pool, your way with Trilogy's Customizable Designs

A Trilogy pool is not only an extension of your home, but also your lifestyle.