Pool Steps

Kafko Pool Steps

Pool steps manufactured by Latham Pool Products™ offer the following benefits:

Limitless Options
Latham manufactures a complete range of pool steps to meet every need and preference: thermoplastic, vinyl over steel, vinyl over polymer, and acrylic/fiberglass, all built with the highest grade materials.

Unique Designs
Nothing can enhance the look and enjoyment of a pool like a spectacular entranceway. Latham offers a wide range of unique designs, including our exclusive Step ‘N Lounge – the first thermoplastic step with built-in spa seating – and our Wedding Cake Step, a fresh style combined with the uninterrupted beauty of the vinyl liner.

Built To Last
All Latham steps feature best-in-class materials and manufacturing. For example, our thermoplastic steps are built with a strong, one-piece design that will never delaminate, splinter, corrode or puncture . . . and our vinyl over steel steps are made with 14-gauge copper coated with zinc galvanization to prevent corrosion.

Acrylic/Fiberglass Steps

These rigid and strong steps offer outstanding structural support. Multiple shapes, styles, and colors are available, including contour, cantilever, in-wall ladder, leisure bench and corner.

Thermoplastic Steps

Latham’s strong, sturdy thermoplastic in-wall step adds functional and beauty to your pool. Our patented TES (Total Encapsulated Support) System gives our thermoplastic pool steps unmatched rigidity. A unique bleachered bracing system supports the entire tread surface, preventing materials fatigue. And it’s backed by a lifetime non-prorated warranty.

Vinyl Over Polymer

This patent pending step is available in a variety of tread designs, and also allows you to enjoy the  uninterrupted beauty of your liner!

Vinyl Over Steel

Like our steel wall panels, steel stairs offer unparalleled strength and durability. Crafted from 14-gauge copper bearing steel, these stairs are coated with a heavy zinc galvanization.