Kafko Accessories


Bring your pool to life with the soothing sound of falling water. Whether you are building a new pool or updating your backyard, waterfalls are a simple, elegant way to beautify your pool.

Rails & Ladders

Getting in and out of a pool has never been so easy. Choose from a variety of rails and ladders or opt for an In-Wall ladder to avoid interference with automatic pool cleaners and covers.

Pool Lighting

Underwater pool illumination has a breathtaking effect; an ever-changing waterscape of lights is produced by the shimmering glow, creating dazzling dancing patterns all around your pool.


A swimming pool filter removes the dirt and debris from the water in your swimming pool. The filter removes more than just dirt and leaves, it also removes body oils, sunscreen and bacteria. Filters are available in three main types; cartridge, D.E. or sand. Each has their own benefits and sizes vary based on the volume of your swimming pool.


A swimming pools pump circulates the water throughout the pool and it’s pluming. The pump pushes water through the filter, heater, chlorine generator and water features of your swimming pool. It is important that you select the appropriate pump for your swimming pool. We can provide guidance on selecting just the right pump for your swimming pool.


Get your swimming pool exactly the right temperature and extend the swimming season by adding a heater or heat pump to your pool.


Super-Skim® Circulation components are molded out of durable, non-corrosive ABS. They are designed for residential or commercial liner pool installations and contains a Wide Mouth fully automatic skimmer, 2 easy adjustable return fittings, and two VGB Compliant main drains if specified for your pool.

The Super-Skim® return fitting is devised for easy directional adjustment of the water flow returning to the pool from the filter, improving water circulation. Also added to the return fitting is a beauty cover that conceals the screw heads and locks the directional eyeball into the desired position. Every Kafko™ pool has a minimum of two return fittings.

The main drain provides increased water circulation from the deep end of the pool and allows the pool water level to be lowered for service and winterizing.

Design Patented Wide Mouth Skimmer Super-Skim® Patented Wide Mouth Through the Wall Mount Skimmer eliminates any water contact with the steel wall panel. This exclusive Water-Lock® feature not found on other pools ensures long life and trouble free operation of your pool. The skimmer is also sealed with gaskets on both sides of the pool wall sealing out any possible seepage of soil or water into the pool. A skimmer beauty cover has been added concealing the visible screw heads around the opening of the Wide Mouth Skimmer. The Super-Skim® Skimmer System comes complete.